Not Just Another Summer Camp
posted by Mark Fields
March 14, 2019
As we look across the faces of the boys and girls, some only 7 years old, some almost young adults, they all with the same look in their eyes, what will the week bring…

Tacking, jibbing, come up, fall off, tiller toward trouble, and pull in the main! A foreign language to some, a second language to others. Brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, and strangers, all gather on the new sandy beach at Bow to Stern Boating Center for a week of sailing and fun. Soon all will be a part of a family that is only brought together by the experience of what they will do over the course of their visit. Some travel from far away states and others come from just down the road. No matter what the background and life style, all will depart on Friday afternoon with a true and clear understanding of friendship, teamwork, and the power of a hand shake.

This will be the 12th season that Captain Jim with his daughter Captain Alexis by his side, will greet the Monday morning group of campers and parents. Captain Jim will introduce his staff, give a few words of guidance, ask who’s a little nervous, who likes pizza with anchovies, and a show of hands of who has been here before. As the campers look around in wonder and hope there is no anchovies on their Tuesday pizza, they soon depart with their captains for a little name game and their boat assignments. Next the parents receive information about the program, staff’s experience, and encouragement to make arrangements for a ride on the water for photo opportunities. With no doubt by the end of the week everyone will leave with much more than they ever thought was possible from a “Summer Camp”. The Bow to Stern youth sailing program is not just another "Summer Camp" The life lessons they will learn a short period of time are priceless.

We have been trying to grow water melons on Wiggins Beach for 11 years, I guess we will return every Thursday from June 17th through August 23rd and try again. Sailing is our passion and teaching is our pleasure.

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