2020 Happy Campers
Jun 16, 2020

Across the country things are a changing. Our new beginnings here at Bow to Stern Boating will include many opportunities for us to improve, grow, and re-create. You all will be happy to know that we have applied this way of thinking to our Summer Programs.

Beginning June 29th we are planning to offer to those that have an interest in our traditional camp program a Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm activity with small groupings shore side and single sailors sailing if needed. If a household or group that has been together over the past few weeks attends, they will be placed together on boats and remain in the same group. In addition, new to our program is a “FAMILY CAMP” putting Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, and any other family members together. This will be an independent program and will be separated from our traditional summer camp. This will be an opportunity to sail and learn on either the small boats, Optis, Lasers, FJ’s, 420’s or the bigger keel boats.

All programs will provide an instructor/captain that will stay with that group for the entire length of there activity. During the summer we will maintain a small group policy for all activities including lunch, breaks, sailing, etc. keeping surfaces and equipment clean, and observing the North Carolina Day Camp Requirements. We suggest that you register quickly as some weeks are filling up. Captain Jim is busy working on his new “Acceptable Handshake”

To register for our tradition week long camp click on the link below. To register for our New Family Program give us a call.

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