Green Dolphin Adventures - December 2023
Dec 18, 2023

Green Dolphin is back in the water! After proving the engine, installing new bilge pumps, a high water alarm, Siren Marine monitoring system, new zincs, rebuilt spurs, new mast step, bottom paint, prop treatment, and many other items, she was splashed on December 3rd, and made her way, under her own power, to OHVMA.

Since back in her slip, we have removed the Quest plumbing and will be replacing with Pex. We have also removed most of the wiring. There was a lot of “dead ends” and it looked like a rats nest. Both systems will be replaced with new where needed, labeled and run in an organized manner. (before and after pictures to come).

Since she is back in the water we are better able to start on some of the cabinet and wall work. It is not easy to do that on the hard as boats hold a different shape on the hard vs in the water. On the hard they tend to sag and not maintain their shape, especially if they are out of the water for a long time. While in the water they are able to relax out into their normal shape. We will be doing the finishing touches under the bathtub in the master head and under the refrigerator box in the galley. Once those areas are complete, the tub and refrigerator will be set in place. This will open up a large area in the main saloon to allow the ability to start other projects.

Stephanie and I will need to start selecting lights, wood veneer, trim wood, galley fixtures, laminate colors, galley layout, and more. This will be an interesting time as I am not good with colors and she is only slightly better. The good thing is that we typically like the same things and enjoy looking through pictures of how it could look to get ideas.

Next month we will expand on the updates, start including some before and after pictures, as well as adding a new section called “Green Dolphin Adventures”. This will be excerpts from our adventures when we were cruising with our family in early 2000.

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