Green Dolphin Adventures - March 2024
Mar 13, 2024

Green Dolphin is still moving along with her restoration. The washer/dryer and both of her HVAC units were removed, which was a major accomplishment. Both HVAC units had to be carried and lifted by hand into the cockpit, hooked up to the boom, hoisted high enough to clear the cockpit seats, swung out over the boat, and lowered into a dock cart. Unfortunately, these appliances were too old, and not worth repairing.

With the HVAC units and washer/dryer out of the boat, the painting continues on the inside of the hull. She is also nearly completely dried in, and her subfloor is partially done. This makes walking around down below a lot easier.

The re-plumbing has begun and the diesel tanks have been cleaned, the fill ports repaired, and are ready for fresh fuel. This means when she leaves her slip the next time, there will be diesel in her tanks, and not in five gallon jury cans strapped in and hooked up to her engine.

The refinishing of the companionway wooden doors is complete, and the final plumbing and deck work should begin soon.

Look for more next month.

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