Paul Horne - Our Fleet Manager
Feb 11, 2024

Paul is the Fleet Manager at Bow to Stern. He was fortunate enough to grow up around boats. From a wet bottom Sea Devil 12, to a speedy Tazer, his family progressed through different boats while living in Charlotte. It was in Charlotte, that he got his first job at a sailboat dealership, where he managed to burn the skin off of his fingertips while cleaning teak. He learned to read chemical instructions that day.

His father accepted a new position in Indianapolis, where Paul began high school. Fortunately, there was another sailboat for him to sail there on a small reservoir within city limits, which made frequent sailing outings convenient. He was old enough to drive and take his friends sailing, as well as go solo. Being on the water seemed to be a panacea for his soul.

After he graduated from high school, he stayed in Indianapolis, where he went to college and married. Over the next 26 years, he held several positions ranging from warehouse laborer to business owner. His parents moved back to North Carolina, his marriage ended, and he needed a soft landing. So, he returned home to start again in Pamlico County. He lived aboard a powerboat until Hurricane Irene put an end to that, and he started over again.

After various attempts at other careers, he answered an ad on for “Jack of All Trades” at Bow to Stern Boating. He was a great candidate, and started with Bow to Stern part time. He learned how the company operated, and seven months later, he went full time. Shortly after that, he was promoted to Fleet Manager, and oversees seventeen boats ranging in size from a 17’ rigid inflatable to a 52’ sailboat, and the many sailing and power dinghies in the fleet. His main responsibilities are making sure boats are ready to go for charters and lessons, and making sure his Bow to Stern team mates have what they need to complete the detailed tasks associated with each boat. He’s been here for 5 and a half years and still loves growing his skill set. He’s always eager to get out on the water to pull a boat off a shoal, test a repair, fuel up a boat, and face whatever new adventures come up at Bow to Stern.

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