They Came From Far and Near
Apr 24, 2019
They came from far and near to enjoy a relaxing stay in Oriental…

Mother nature really showed us her power and strength over Easter weekend. Winds during the previous days were clocking in the 30’s and 40’s maintaining 20 and gusts in the 50’s. All coming out of the South driving waves into Oriental Harbor and its shores. Take all this, add a sold-out fleet of charter boats, 25 camper/sailors, a teenage ASA 101 course, and what do you have, just another weekend at Bow to Stern Boating. It was all hands-on deck for the most part, assisting and lending a helping hand to the charter fleet. On Friday night half the campers from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro which were alumni and veterans participating in their first trip to Oriental for a learn to sail program on both small boats and big boats ended up sleeping in the house at Captain Jim’s. Leading the group in instruction was Captain Alexis teaching both on the water and in front of the chalk board. Terms like tiller towards trouble, move forward, and point of sail, all foreign terms to this group, flowed through the air.

Mean while in the classroom Captain Harry is reviewing Ads to Navigation, Rules of the Road, Proper Sail Trim, and Docking in front of a very young group taking their ASA 101 Basic Keelboat course. Captain John was busy handling his charter aboard the Cal 25 with a trip across the Neuse River. A triple reef in the main and rolling out a small portion of the head sail keep the boat and crew moving nicely through the five to six footers. Lending a hand aboard the Lagoon 42, Captain Scott assisted in docking after successfully getting the Jenneau 45 in her slip for the evening.

Everyone had a great time, loved the adventure, and left our little village with tales long to be told of the Easter weekend in Oriental and wanting to come back for more.

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