Tug - Chief Morale Officer
Mar 13, 2024

Tug was born on August 21, 2018 and joined the Bow to Stern family when he was only 9 weeks old. He was an adorable little bundle of joy, with legs just long enough to make it up the stairs. As he got older, going up and down the stairs became more of a workout, and he would make that trip as little as possible, stopping to rest on the landing. Weighing just under 100 pounds now, and only standing about 2 feet off the ground, one could say that Tug is a barrel with legs.

Living right on the water, Tug loves to wade in and cool off, especially in the summer heat. However, he doesn’t go too far, because he knows he cannot swim or float. Tug learned this after falling off of the dock and plummeting straight to the muddy bottom. Confused and standing on the bottom, Tug waited patiently for a staff member to jump in and save him. After some time, and convincing, Tug walks the docks, but is a lot more cautious about going near the edges.

During summer camp, Tug loves to be around the youth sailors. He participates in the Monday morning name game, as well as tail tag later in the week. He has really perfected tail tag and is almost always the winner, except when he gets too tired and forfeits. During lunch time, he enjoys making his rounds slobbering on everyone, hoping to get just a little bite to eat, or vacuuming up any dropped food. When it’s time to go sailing, Tug will help scare the jellyfish away while drinking a lot of water. However, sometimes the brackish water does not agree with his stomach…, enough said. After his daily adventures with the campers, you can often hear him snoring through the floor upstairs as he lays in his bed, with his blanket fixed just right, sound asleep.

Tug loves to play with fenders and will play fetch for a short period of time, about 5 minutes, before he is done for the day. He loves to spend his time basking in the sun, meeting new people, and getting belly rubs. If he is not asleep in his bed or sunning himself on the grass, then you can be sure to find him in the road pretending to be a speed bump.

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