Warm Days And Cool Breezes
Jun 08, 2019

Thirty-two years ago I took the tiller of a Hobie 16 and never looked back. As our class schedule fills and conversations about bucket lists include sailing off into the sun set, it fills my heart with joy discussing how during the warm days of summer on Smith Creek it’s the perfect time and place to start your sailing adventure. The cool breeze coming down the creek fills the main sail and the jib trims in nicely along the bow. Passing under the bridge and clearing the channel a shrimp boat awaits it’s turn to unload at the local seafood pier.

Now the question is, up wind, downwind, broad reach, or beam. The radar looks clear and the forecast is for 10 to 12 out of the Southeast. It doesn’t get much better than this around here. One of the most popular destinations is just a couple hours away from clearing the bridge. As you enter the channel of South River it becomes very clear why so many boaters find themselves dropping anchor in this well protected creek just across the river from Oriental. The dolphins play and feed on shrimp and fish. Blue herons perch on the banks awaiting their next snack as well as Osprey soaring nearby building nests strong in the trees.

After a great day of just going where the breeze takes you, this little piece of paradise is perfect for firing up the grill, cracking open a cold one, and letting yourself forget about the rat race for a spell. Soon the sun will set over the tree line bringing with it a spectacular array of red, yellow, and orange clouds brushed across the sky like the palette of an artist. The sun slowly dims with the moon replacing it’s glorious place in the sky surrounded by more stars than you can imagine. With the cool breeze flowing through the ports and hatches, a good night sleep after a day on the water is just a pillow away. With the waking day comes a sun rise challenged only by the calm of the morning echoing with the sounds of mother nature and the smell of fresh coffee brewing and ready for the cockpit. Do what you like and Life Is Good…

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