Work Play Repeat
Aug 06, 2019

Camp staff Capt Doug takes a moment to be a camper again. Doug is one of many campers that have moved on to be a part of the summer staff after many years of being a camper. As the last couple of weeks of camp approach, long lasting memories, new friends, and exciting adventures will depart with all. Fall temperatures, back to school sales, and the unfamiliar sighting of school buses will soon appear in the village.

The staff will journey off to their next experience as young adults learning everyday that life is a great thing and meant to be enjoyed. As they move on to their next grade level and maybe a new school, each one will carry with them the summer of 2019. It’s the experiences that happen between the lines that really count. Life lessons learned where sailing is the program, but trust, courage, and self-confidence is the results.

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