You've Found One Of ASA's Top Sailing Schools
May 15, 2019

Ranking in the top twenty percent of the American Sailing Association schools internationally is an honor as well a good sign that we were doing things right. Students are referring their friends and family members, others are interested because of the vast offering of boats, but most important to the success is our captains and team.

Staying true to our desire to grow, our “New Classes” for the season are being offered on the boats of the owners.

That’s right – learn and advance your knowledge and skill on your very own boat. What a better place to experience the fun of sailing than in the comfort of your own cockpit, aboard your boat. You can earn any or all of the endorsements and certifications that we now offer. Need a little docking practice, and who doesn’t right, the ASA Docking Endorsement will build confidence and, in some cases, lower your boating insurance premiums. Want to learn how to navigate safely when the power fails, the ASA Coastal Navigation course will get you where you need to go when the time comes. And sooner or later it will happen, not if, but when, so be prepared when it does.

For a full list of our courses go to the Sailing School page on our site.

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