Events / Regattas: Overview

Here at Bow to Stern Boating, we have become well known for hosting special events at our venue.
We host High School and College Regattas, Sea Scout Regattas, and Open One-Design Regattas. Participants racing at the High School level or are involved in Sea Scouts use our fleet of FJ’s and 420’s. Those racing at the College level or in our Open One-Design Regatta use our fleet of FJ’s, 420’s, Lasers, and Keelboats.

2020 Croaker Regatta – Saturday July 4, 2020
2020 Croaker Fest Regatta – Notice Of Race

2020 Croaker Fest Regatta – Sailing Instructions

To Inquire about Events & Regattas, call 252-249-2424 or fill out the form at this link.