Yacht Overview

What sets a Caliber apart from the fleet of her rivals? Is it her swiftness? Her seaworthiness and durability? Her exceptional stability and comfort? As Caliber sailors know, it is the artful combination of these qualities, which enables a Caliber to perform beyond the limits that constrain so many others.

How swiftly a boat sails, how well she handles, and how she weathers the sea are the direct result of her design. This two cabin well equipped vessel is perfect for your weekend cruise, day sail, or that extended vacation you’ve been waiting for.

Rates & More Info

Half Day (week days)

$375 Seasonal / $450 Holiday / $300 Off-Season


$550 Seasonal / $650 Holiday / $425 Off-Season

1-3 Full Days

$700 Seasonal / $875 Holiday / $550 Off-Season


4-6 Days 5% discount, 7+ Days 10% discount

"Day" vs "Full Day"

Day, 9am to 5pm. Full Day, 9am to 9am, or 5pm to 5pm.



Cleaning, Tank Service (Fuel, Water, Head), Check Out


Vessel Spec Sheet

Vessel Ops Manual

Caliber 35 Vessel Manual coming

Policies & Procedures

Additional info

Hire a Captain to come along and make the trip more relaxing.

Off Season Rates apply November 1st – March 31st

Holiday rates apply the week prior and after of Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day

Call Bow-To-Stern at 252-249-2424.