Boat Overview

Menger Boat works of Bayshore, New York, produces one of the finest lines of catboats in the country. This is the 19-footer day mini-cruiser. If you have been bogged down in bendy fractional-rigged sloops with bulbed, winged keels and more wires and string to pull than you know what to do with, you just might consider returning to the simple pleasures of catboat sailing. It takes two halyards to get the big gaff main up. There is a peak halyard and a throat halyard. Then you drop the center board and off you go. The only line to pull is the mainsheet.

Rates & More Info

Half Day

$150 Seasonal / $180 Holiday / $115 Off-Season


$200 Seasonal / $240 Holiday / $150 Off-Season

1-3 Full Days

$300/day Seasonal / $360 Holiday / $225 Off-Season

4-6 Full Days


7+ Full Days




Cleaning, Tank Service (Fuel, Water, Head), Check Out


Vessel Spec Sheet

Policies & Procedures

Additional info

Hire a Captain to come along and make the trip more relaxing.

Off Season Rates apply November 1st – March 31st

Holiday rates apply the week prior and after of Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day

Call Bow-To-Stern at 252-249-2424.