Day Intro Lessons: Overview

Have you always wanted to see what boating is all about without spending a lot of time and money. Our ASA schooling program stays full of adventure seeking sailors looking to improve their skills.

Our one day see if you like it program is for those that always wanted to try boating but never got the chance. Join us for a day of boating school and decide for yourself if learning how to handle a boat is what you want to do. If so, attending our ASA 101 Basic Keelboat or Power Boating for Dummies Course is the next step.

You just pick the boat you want from our fleet, we will provide an instructional captain, and you can spend the day alone or with friends and family. As many as 6 crew on our larger boats, 3 to 4 on the smaller. This experience will give you an opportunity to move forward safely and confident. or you can go back to the putting greens.

Classes could include:

Basic Boating 1/2 day – This crucial skill-builder course will teach you the basic parts of the boat, important laws, rules of the water, operating instructions, handling waves & wind, and safety checklists.

Docking & Boat Handling ½ day – You will master basic handling requirements for everyday common situations on the water, starting with dock departure, turning the boat around 180 degrees and docking approaches.

Open Water Boating ½ day – Focus will be on real-world boat handling situations on the open water, learning to read navigational signals, and learn how to avoid over-steering and course correction issues when traveling a long distance.

Boat Ramps and Trailering ½ day – Learn how to quickly & confidently master the boat ramp and trailering with several crucial techniques.

Private Family Lessons ½ day – Have a New Boat? Bring the family together and let us teach your Entire Family how to operate, care for and enjoy your new investment!

Youth Boating & Safety ½ day – Participants will learn how to safely operate a small powerboat

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